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Aptitude :: Compound Interest

Let Principal = P, Rate = R% per annum, Time = n When interest is compound Annually:    Amount = P 1 + R n 100 When interest is compounded Half-yearly:     Amount = P 1 + (R/2) 2n 100 When interest is compounded Quarterly:     Amount = P …

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The money  borrowed or lent out for a certain period is called the principal or the sum. Interest: Extra money paid for using other’s money is called interest. Simple Interest (S.I.): If the interest on a sum borrowed for certain period is reckoned uniformly, then it is called simple interest. Let Principal = P, Rate …

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TIME AND DISTENCE FORMULA 1. Speed, Time and Distance: Speed = Distance , Time = Distance , Distance = (Speed x Time). Time Speed 2. km/hr to m/sec conversion: x km/hr = x x 5 m/sec. 18 3. m/sec to km/hr conversion: x m/sec = x x 18 km/hr. 5 …

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Problems on Trains

Problems on Trains (Formula) 1. km/hr to m/s conversion: a km/hr =a * 5/18 m/s. 2. m/s to km/hr conversion: a m/s =a * 18/5 km/hr. 3. Formulas for finding Speed, Time and Distance 4. Time taken by a train of length l metres to pass a pole or standing …

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